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Prayer Group Materials

Click the photos below to download the corresponding materials.

1 ABS Attendance Sheet1. Attendance Sheet

This form is used to keep track of daily membership attendance. There are areas of the form for specific dates, times and prayer intentions. When members attend the Exposition they sign in using this form. Attach the form to a clipboard and have it sitting at the entrance of the chapel.

2 ABS Membership Form2. Membership Form

New members use this form to join the group. To keep track of the membership totals, the Ministry leader(s) must fill in membership numbers. You can make multiple copies of this form. It might be more convenient to create a duplicate form in a computer program like Excel. That makes it easier to fill in member numbers and track members.

3 ABS Book Cover v23. Membership
Book Cover

A decorative cover for the front of the membership three ring binder.

4 Member Instructions4. Membership
Instruction Sheet

A sheet with sign-up instructions in English and Spanish that is placed in the membership binder next to the sign-up Form No. 2 instructing new members how to join.

5 Member Requirements E5. Membership Requirement Sheets

These signs in English and Spanish are posted above the membership book where new members can see it to sign-up and join.

Doubled Up Member cards6. Membership Cards

Artwork to get membership cards printed for your Adorers Prayer Group. Click here to download the instruction sheet for detailed information on how and where to get these cards printed.

 7 ABS Poster7. Adorers Poster

To be displayed during mass and exposition hours of Blessed Sacrament. Click here to download the instruction sheet for detailed information on how and where to get the poster printed.

 8 ABS Bulletins8. Sample Church Bulletins

Examples to show how you can use the church bulletin to introduce the Adorers Prayer Group to your church membership and follow-up on a regular basis to cultivate interest in the group and increase membership throughout the year. Click here to see additional bulletin notice comments.

9 ABS Start Up9. Start-up Suggestions

This is the same information presented on the Get Started webpage. The detailed instructions on how to go about setting up your own Adorers Prayer Group at your parish or school.

10 ABS School Faculty10. Membership Procedures for School Children & Faculty

This is the same information presented on the Schools & Faculty webpage. All these materials are free to copy and use at your discretion or to share with others to start an Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament prayer group at any parish or school.